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AMBAC series nozzle NBM770049, ADB150M208-7
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Product: Views:185AMBAC series nozzle NBM770049, ADB150M208-7 
Unit price: Negotiable
Delivery date: Since the payment date Days delivery
Valid until: Long-term effective
Last updated: 2017-12-14 16:40
This is Vivian from China Balin Parts Plant, which specialized in the manufacture and export of diesel injection parts, including plunger, injector nozzle, delivery valve, head rotor and so on. Our company passed the TS16949 quality certification. Our Advantages 1. High quality products 2.Highly competitive prices: factory price 3.Excellent after-sale service system 4. Huge stock support If you are interested , please contact Vivian, Company E-mail: vivian@china-balin.com SKYPE: vivian.vivian50 TEL: 86-594-2650550 CELL: +8613799690614 FAX: 86-594-2660550 WEB: www.china-balin.com WEB: www.balin-group.com More products on sale NBM770049 ADB150M208-7 ADB155M169-7 NBM770000 5x0,32x155° Nozzle ADB140M218-7 NBM771213 5x0,25x140° Nozzle ADB152M165-7 NBM770053 4x0,31x152° Nozzle ADB152M164-7 NBM770052 4x0,27x152° Nozzle ADB150M168-7 NBM770048 4x0,33x150° Nozzle ADB150M175-7 NBM771233 5x0,30x150° Nozzle ADB157M178-7 NBM771265 8x0,23x157° Nozzle ADB157M179-7 NBM771266 8x0.26x157° Nozzle ADB140M184-7 NBM771234 4x0,33x140° Nozzle ADB150M185-7 NBM771235 5x0,30x150° Nozzle ADB140M186-7 NBM771236 5x0,30x140° Nozzle ADB140M200-7 NBM771209 4x0,27x140° Nozzle ADB140M202-7 NBM771210 4x0,34x140° Nozzle ADB152M206-7 NBM770054 4x0,29x152° Nozzle ADB150M208-7 NBM770049 4x0,36x150° Nozzle ADB152M213-7 NBM770055 4x0,34x152° Nozzle ADB160M215-7 NBM770047 6x0,30x160° Nozzle ADB160M217-7 NBM770010 5x0.31x160° Nozzle ADB140M219-7 NBM771214 5x0,29x140° Nozzle ADB140M221-7 NBM771225 4x0,38x140° Nozzle ADB140M222-7 NBM771226 4x0,32x140° Nozzle ADB150M223-7 NBM771068 4x0,29x150° Nozzle ADB160M225-7 NBM770022 4x0,35x160° Nozzle ADB160M226-7 NBM770023 4x0,30x160° Nozzle ADB150M228-7 NBM770050 4x0.36x150° Nozzle ADB150M230-7 NBM771070 4x0,28x150° Nozzle ADB140M231-7 771215 5x0,30x140° Nozzle ADB160M 232-7 NBM 770028 4x0,34x160° Nozzle ADB140M 233-7 771227 4x0,34x140° Nozzle